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At Pro-ICE, we believe in the power of individuals to form collaborative teams and networks. Innovation is driven when there is an alignment of vision and objectives – it is on this premise and philosophy that we engage our employees to deliver first class solutions.

Top 5 Reasons to join Pro-ICE

1. You Will Work and be a Practitioner of the Latest Technologies

Innovation is the major reason we are in business – we are up to date with how to convert new technologies into practical advantages for our clients

2. Never Ending Learning Process

As an organization that thrives on innovation, there is always something exciting to be abreast of. You will be exposed to R&D activities that will set you up for continuous development

3. Work-life Balance is important to Us

In-spite of the lofty expectations we demand of our employees, we understand that work productivity is connected to a balanced life. We are deliberate in creating a healthy work environment by providing perks and flexibilities that our teams deserve

4. Work and Passion Go Hand-in-Hand

We believe your best work is delivered when you are passionate about what you do. Therefore, there is always a touch and infusion of passion in all we do at Pro-ICE

5. You Will Be the Pilot of Your Career

Being that you’d be working on cutting-edge solutions that are organization and  industry revolutionizing, you will nearly always be on the precipice of acclaim


We look out for individuals who have an eye and aptitude for innovation – in addition to being passionate about their work.

Individuals who are collaborative, dynamic and ambitious are a great fit for our organization, as well as those who have great attitude towards challenges and opportunities and the knack to achieve excellence.

If you fit the description above, you will find the PRO-ICE environment where these attributes will be well rewarded.

Please send your CV and cover letter to careers@pro-ice.com.ng after completing this form.