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Comprehensive Security Solutions

We help businesses protect their brand and IT Infrastructure better by offering a pure action-oriented and dynamic risk mitigation solution.

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Transforming Businesses with Smart Collaborations

Our team of experts drives technology to your benefit by building a unique solution for your business.

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Advanced Website Development

We provide custom web design and development solutions for Start-ups, SBU’s and Enterprises.

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Business Process Automation

We provide a comprehensive range of bespoke application development, business process automation, and robotic process automation services.

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Cutting Edge IoT Solutions

Our Services include state of the art internet of things systems which creates a collective network of connected devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects or people and the technology that facilitates communication between the devices and Cloud

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Mobile App Development

We employ the use of technology to develop software applications which run on mobile devices. These applications are designed to suit any business requirements across all sectors.

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Cloud Computing

We deliver the best cloud computing over the Internet, including servers, storages, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence which enables quicker innovation, flexible resource allocation, and scale economies as well as effectively providing top-notch services to all of our clients.

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We specialize in the reliable end-to-end delivery of custom technology solutions that produce creative, scalable, and competitive results. Our expertise is in the reliable end-to-end delivery of customized technological solutions, ranging from fully managed Delivery Teams to individual professional software engineers.

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At Pro-ICE we work with passion to bring your ideas to life. We push ourselves, technologies and the boundaries of conventional thinking


We continuously create partnerships with a variety of top clients from across the world in an effort to improve our company’s sustainability.