About Us

Established in 2018, Pro-ICE is an end-to-end Business Solutions and Technology Company, supporting businesses in their digital initiatives to bringing rapic acceleration to business processes, and the next great wave in workplace productivity. We collaborate with our clients, allowing them to automate their business process 100% accuracy .

Our team supports and operate processes, technology, and infrastructure, with quality and continuous improvement embedded into all facets of operations.

Core Values






Our Culture

Here at Pro-ICE we believe in the power of people to form collaborative teams and networks

Working With Latest Technology

Innovation is the major reason we are in business. We are up to date with new technologies and how to convert them into practical advantages for our clients.

Never-Ending Learning Process

As an organization that thrives on innovation, there is always something exciting to be abreast of. R&D that sets us up for continuous development is our passion

Work-Life Balance

In-spite of the lofty expectations we demand of our employees, we understand that work productivity is connected to a balanced life. We are deliberate in creating a healthy work environment with flexibilities that our teams deserve.

Work and Passion go Hand-in-Hand

We believe that your best work is delivered when you are passionate about you do.

Service Offerings

Web and Application Development


Cloud Services

Internet of Things

Robotic Process Automation

Artificial Intelligence

Telecom Consulting

AI powered chatbots

Human and Capital Advisory

Learning and Development

Our Delivery Approach

We collaborate and partner with our clients in developing client-specific, user-friendly and intuitive solutions, at the same time training our clients to use them


We believe in first understanding the problem before providing a solution, not just any kind of solution but a client-specific one


Next we find out what areas actually need attention in the whole business process and then propose the best solutions


Using the latest industry technologies, we start work on building a solution that best fits the client’s needs.

Monitor and Measure

Next we collaborate with the client in order to check the performance of the solution by monitoring and measuring the performance.


We don’t just leave our clients hanging, we help to also manage every solution we build even after deployment.