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Digital Transformation

With technological advances in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, significant number of business processes are continually being automated. We have four key solution-pillars:

  • Building Digital Talent & Organization
  • Digitizing Customer Relationships
  • Harnessing Data & Advanced Technology
  • Digitizing Operations & Automating Processes

We are positioned to take advantage of the continuous merger between machines and AI, by designing and automating processes on behalf of our clients.

Consumers are increasingly savvy and want to connect more with organizations and brands. We work with the power of data driven insights to discover new markets, position favorably against competition and best meet the demand of consumers within the manufacturing, distribution, retail and insurance sectors amongst other industries.

Digital Transformation Service Offerings

RPA is changing how companies approach repeatable, process-driven business tasks.

RPA is the fastest-growing software subsegment officially tracked by Gartner, with year-over-year growth of more than 63 percent in 2018

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA enables companies to use software to configure robots that can digitally mimic human actions to execute business processes.

With RPA, companies can:

  • Drive better accuracy through RPA robots’ programmatic and consistent approach
  • Increase speed and productivity by removing the burden of manual task execution from employees. Empowering employees to focus on value-added work and strategic undertakings
  • Enable costs savings by reducing processing costs by up to 80 percent
  • Improve compliance posture and reduce risk through the reliability of RPA robot execution and monitoring capabilities
  • Scale across business units and geographies by seamlessly deploying robots and performing tasks in parallel.

Delivering Exceptional Quality of Experience to their Customers

We help ICT firms, Telecom Regulatory and Operators to deliver exceptional services that gives them competitive edge in a highly demanding sector partnering Cyberteq to bring global expertise to Nigerian market. Our understanding of the ICT sector is to ensure clients lead by delivering exceptional quality of experience to their customers while maximizing returns from CAPEX and minimizing OPEX.

  • Mobile network Launch Management
  • Network Operations, Audit and PMO
  • CAPEX Development efficiency assessment
  • Global carrier service network Audit
  • Network Evolution Strategy
  • 3G Efficiency spectrum improvement
  • End to end Audit and benchmark
  • Quality of Service KPI Audit and Field Measurement
  • 4G spectrum efficiency improvement
  • Mobile Network Swap & Modernization
  • Benchmark operations for Telecoms Operators
  • Frequency Re-farming and Optimization

One of our unique offerings is to help businesses protect their brand and IT Infrastructure better by offering a pure action-oriented, dynamic risk mitigation that gives our client confidence to focus on their business 24 by 7 all-round the year that their priced Data and Business critical IT infrastructure is protected from cyber-attacks.

We offer this with M-Unit product from Cyberteq delivering unique services such as:

  • Risk & Vulnerability Assessment/Penetration
  • Security Operation Center (SOC)
  • DDoS Protection and Data Loss Prevention
  • Forensic & Web/Mobile Application Testing
  • Configuration & Code review
  • Incident management
  • Endpoint security & Security Incident Management (SIEM)
  • Cybersecurity awareness and training

At Pro-ICE, we believe IoT will not only change IT operations and tactics, it will change the nature of business. From idea to design through advisory, innovation and strategy. We create tailored business cases to reach endless opportunities. Build a unique IoT solution for your business. Boost your profits by accessing sensor data, analyzing information and monitoring your organization.

We act with things to deliver comprehensive internet of thing (IoT) solutions, pursue continues improvements by IoT. Increase customer satisfaction, adopt predictive maintenance and performance monitoring. We sustain on things to keep the best quality level for your business. We offer over 20yrs of experience of global delivery to enable transformation in IT operations for our clients.